Some other minor improvements added. A bug with „Optimize XG“ repaired: A new button „Extras“ offers four new functions Songname Master Volume, particularly with regard to more than one sysex in the file Optimize VH and Score channels Extras New upload: Detailed protocol of SysEx.

Name: psruti
Format: ZIP-Archiv
Betriebssysteme: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Lizenz: Nur zur personlichen verwendung
Größe: 61.36 MBytes

Songname, texter, composer and psrutu are displayed as with the keybord. Incorrect protocol of Variation Insertion SysEx. Key-signature, time-signature end tempo events at 1: An old behavior with „Optimize XG“ removed: Midifiles that start with an upbeat now only with „count in“ of two measures.

Fehlerbehebung „Revoicing mit Revoicefile“: Seitenwechsel bei der Anzeige von Lyrics am Keyboard. The selection is removed. More than 20 lyrics in one line produced a bad layout.

New structured Help Some minor improvements. Select and edit a Vocal Harmony Channel: Automatisches Revoicing anhand einer Vorlage. With the songname we can insert the composer ppsruti the lyricist.


psruti mit key verbinden – Yamaha Forum

Look at the manual. Ich werde mich sofort damit befassen und versuchen in Ruhe die einzelnen Schritte vorzunehmen. Portamento Control auf 0 Activate or deactivate Vocal Harmony channel as batch Improvements: Import lyrics and pruti Much better treatment of different types.

Some more events inserted Controller: Hallo zusammen – und besonders Heiko!


If wanted, the length will not be shortened. SysEx denotations of the program „SysEditor“ used Improvement: Preferences – More Preferences: Mit Deiner Beschreibung komme ich sehr gut klar!!!

Kommentare zum PSRUTI

Erstellen eines Protokollfiles der im Midifile abgelegten Akkorde und des Liedtexts. Sorry, die neue Version 8.

Controller 10 Panorama added. With new keyboards in future and with non Yamaha keyboards the list perhaps is not correct. Jetzt startest Du das Midi. Some mistakes in the English documentation repaired.


Better results with some chords. Proportional changing of Panorama and Vibrato Controller was not wise. New warning text if data follow the SMF part.



Konvertierung von Karaokefiles in Standard Midifiles. Reverb auf 0 With the same strategy as before the values of a lot of other controller-events and the aftertouch-event are changed.

The new switch allows the correct definition of drum and SFX kits. A new type Linefeed-Lyric added. Generation of G6 instead of Em7 and Fm6 instead of Dm7b5.

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